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Hello friend and welcome to our brand new sex gaming platform! I say 'brand new': I should probably stress that while we launched at the start of 2021, we've been working on this project for the last 4 years and finally think that it's ready to go live. Suffice to say that it's an exciting time for us in the studio, since we're not too sure how the general porn gaming public is going to react to our service, but we've got a good feeling that we'll win them over and they'll be stroking their dicks all day long! Oh, and yeah: we're not going to mess around or pretend otherwise when it comes to our project. The name of the game is giving you access to hot sex games that you can then play and jerk off to while doing so. Want to know how committed we are to this reality? Well – you'll be pleased to know that Female Sex Games is a project that you can entirely navigate using only your mouse! That's right – all of the games we have only require one hand, which frees up the other one for some hardcore sessions of masturbation. Don't let anyone tell you that we're not the real deal here: those concerns go out the window when you see the things we've implemented to give our visitors the best sexual experiences known to man.

A cowboy's world controlled

Porn online is a little bit like the wild west: there are so many cowboys out there that are trying to take you for a ride and overpromise while under delivering. Now, we're so confident in our ability to provide you with access to great porn games that we're not going to charge you for the pleasure! That's right – getting inside Female Sex Games is completely free and you can enjoy all of the titles without having to part with any cash whatsoever. It might seem like a strange concept, but the idea is that if you truly enjoy what we offer, you'll be more than willing to partake in a few microtransaction purchases to assist us with development. Think of it as being very similar to how League of Legends and Path of Exile work – if they don't create a great game, they don't get paid! We support this approach and think that it's central to our ethos of giving you world-class XXX games without having you break the bank in order to enjoy them. So yeah, if you've got some past trauma in your life from paying over the odds for a sub-par game (looking at you, Cyberpunk 2077!) then please, make sure you explore all of the releases we have and only then consider contributing. Your presence here is enough to let us know that we're doing some serious work in the porn game production department!

A deep library of games

So, what exactly is the gaming situation like here on Female Sex Games? The good news is that if you like variety, we've got plenty of it. The database currently consists of exactly 20 games, with a further 3 available to play in a limited fashion as part of our beta portal. The team's currently plan is to release one new game every 2 months: something we're confident that we're able to stick to as the studio gets larger and more people realize that we've got a great, supportive environment for horny gaming addicts. It's also the case that we're looking to push through some very special video content and galleries in the near future – but that's something we'll have to talk about closer to the time! On the gaming front, we have a decent variety of titles, themes and most important of all, artwork style. It was very important for us to have more than just one visual aesthetic, since not everyone is keen on every style, right? That's why we have 4 artists working on the games that add their own flare and flavor to each release. We think you're going to support this approach we've gone for and yeah – it just made the most amount of sense for what we're trying to do here at the studio. Oh, and please note that everything you find in Female Sex Games is completely exclusive: these are games that we have worked on and won't make available anywhere else online. If you see them, they're fake – simple as!

Thorough achievement system

On the network itself and individual games, you'll find quite a number of achievements that you're able to work toward. While our games are single player focused, there is a competitive element somewhat in our daily, weekly and all-time leaderboards. Not every game has a speedrunning element, but those that do can get pretty competitive! There are rewards every month for the top performers too, including free merchandise that we ship out, in-network credits and badges for your profile. We initially had skepticism toward the networking aspect of Female Sex Games, but it turns out that it has been incredibly successful! Our forums receive over 150 posts per day and the Discord server has over 12,000 members. While the voice channels are sparsely populated, you'll find the chatrooms are very much buzzing and our porn areas are, well, let's just say that they get busy! The studio is also thinking about attending various adult conventions and hentai expos where possible – just as soon as this whole pandemic thing gets out of the way for good.

Endless opportunities at Female Sex Games

That's just about everything I want to say on the topic of Female Sex Games. It's been an absolute blast to talk you through the project and I hope that I've convinced you if its epic nature in this short little essay. So, now that I've said my piece – why not respond and come inside? There's an incredible world of magic, gaming and porn waiting for you on the other side. You'll be kicking yourself if you don't sign up this instant – so come on through and let's get you on-board with the world's hottest porn gaming community.

Take care and remember: for your daily sex gaming needs, no one does it better than Female Sex Games!

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